Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Statement of David Poythress re: Thurbert Baker Joining GA Governor's Race

“I wasn’t surprised to see Thurbert Baker throw his hat in the Governor’s race today. I consider Thurbert a friend and a serious opponent, but I am confident that I will win the Democratic primary. Even with Thurbert’s entry to the race, I am the only candidate with strong executive experience and a record of results.

- As Deputy Revenue Commissioner I led the first investigation of Organized Crime in Georgia.

- As Secretary of State I modernized the office to create efficiency and even returned money to the state Treasury.- As Labor Commissioner I cut payroll taxes by more than $200 million.- As Adjutant General I was serving on 9-11 as Commander of the Georgia National Guard and led the effort to protect Georgia from future terrorist attacks while preparing our troops for war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Simply put, I’ve been tested and I succeeded.

I look forward to a spirited debate about our preparation, record of achievement and competing vision for the future of Georgia. From day one in this campaign, I have been leading the charge on action plans that will create jobs, transform public education and provide solutions to our transportation and water crises.”
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