Thursday, April 16, 2009

Message from Casey Cagle

Cagle announced yesterday that he was dropping out of the race for Georgia Governor. He will be running for Lt. Governor. Here is one statement he made regarding the move:

As you may already know, last year I filed paperwork to run for governor. I have experienced pain in my back and neck for years, but during this past legislative session, the pain worsened. At times my arm was numb and the pain spread. Therefore, as part of preparing to run, I visited my physician. That doctor's appointment significantly changed the way my life will look for the next several months.

I've been diagnosed with serious muscle and bone problems and a degenerative spinal condition. It may be hereditary, or it may be the result of an old injury, but the unfortunate reality is that it requires immediate surgery to treat.

While I feel a deep obligation to Georgia's future, I also have a strong sense of duty to my family. Georgia needs a strong governor, but Nita and my three boys also need a dad who can provide for them well into the future.

The only way I can balance both obligations is to make the difficult decision to end our campaign for governor. I expect to make a full recovery by next year's legislative session and intend to campaign vigorously for reelection to the office of Lt. Governor at the appropriate time.

Together, we have accomplished great things, and it's an honor to have been considered for this opportunity by so many Georgians. I pledge to continue working with you to achieve our goals for Georgia, and hope I can count on your continued support.

For Georgia,

Casey Cagle
Lieutenant Governor
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