Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Federal Coordinating Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research to Hold Public Listening Session in Washington D.C.

The Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research
will hold a public listening session on April 14, 2009, in Washington
D.C. The council will hear public comment regarding comparative
effectiveness research and the Coordinating Council's activities.

"The Obama Administration is committed to openness and transparency,"
said HHS Spokeswoman Jenny Backus. "Comparative effectiveness research
will expand choices for patients, not limit them, and the council looks
forward to hearing from all parties as it moves ahead."

Individuals interested in addressing the council may nominate themselves
to deliver a three minute oral presentation before the council.
Individuals and organizations may also submit written comments for the
council's consideration. The public may also attend the session, listen
live via audio conference or watch the session online at

The 15-member council, created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment
Act of 2009, will assist the agencies of the federal government,
including HHS and the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense, as
well as others, to coordinate comparative effectiveness and related
health services research. The Recovery Act appropriated$300 million for
the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, $400 million for the
National Institutes of Health, and $400 million for allocation at the
discretion of the Secretary of Health and Human Services to support
comparative effectiveness research.

The council will provide input on priorities for the $400 million fund
in the Recovery Act that the Secretary will allocate to advance this
type of research and public input will shape the council's
recommendations. The council will not make final decisions about the
kind of projects that will be funded.

To register to attend the listening session, nominate a person to make a
three-minute oral statement, and/or submit a written statement for the
Coordinating Council's consideration, go to
http://www.hhs.gov/recovery/programs/CER/index.html. Individuals should
register by Monday, April 13, at 5:00 p.m. EDT. Space and audio
conference lines are limited.

DATE: Tuesday, April
14, 2009

LOCATION: Hubert H. Humphrey
Room 800
Independence Avenue, SW

Washington, D.C. 20201
TIME: 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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