Monday, April 13, 2009

Conservative Group Pioneers Mobile Petition Drive at Nationwide Tax Day TEA Party Protests

Let Freedom Ring, a national conservative advocacy organization, is unveiling the next generation in grassroots advocacy technology in hundreds of American cities during the Nationwide Tax Day TEA Party rallies scheduled for April 15th.

Let Freedom Ring is utilizing mobile technology in more than 1,000 American cities to allow concerned citizens to interact with their government and express their displeasure with reckless spending, the ballooning federal budget deficit, and increased taxation. Protesters will have the opportunity to join up, sign, and send a "mobile petition" with their cell phones to President Obama, Treasury Secretary Geithner, and their respective Senators and members of Congress. TEA Party attendees must simply text the words "TEAPARTY" to 74362 on their mobile phones
to be heard by their representatives in government.

"We're mobilizing thousands of grassroots conservatives and facilitating contact with their
government in what could be the most democratic technology ever deployed in the political arena," said Colin Hanna, President of Let Freedom Ring. "There is a great deal of justified anger out there over abusive taxation and excessive government spending. We're making certain it's heard loud and clear, and we're not going away."

The Let Freedom Ring mobile petition reads: "We, the undersigned American taxpayers, do not believe that the United States can tax, spend and borrow its way back to economic prosperity. We call on you to lead the fight to make Washington tighten its belt rather than make us tighten ours."

"We expect this to be a turning point in conservative political activism. We're building a new conservative grassroots army from the bottom up, and we're keeping our troops in the field for good," said Colin Hanna. "Our elected officials will be held to account by hearing from the American people in real time. We're about to knock down the wall that keeps everyday
Americans from accessing their leaders in Washington."

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