Sunday, April 12, 2009

Join in Rome's Tax Day Tea Party

Message from the Rome Tea Party team:

April 15 11:30 A.M.

Senator Chip Rogers, R-Powder Springs, GA.
11:30 a.m., Gather at Opi's Waterfront Grill parking lot , 112 W. 2nd Ave..

Enjoy the music and patriotic songs by our own "Buck and Duke." .

Participate in making signs or bring your own. .

11:50 Program begins. .

Open the program with Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and the National Anthem (sung by Rome's own Samantha Weekly).

Be inspired by featured speakers including great American citizens and young Americans who care about their country. Speakers include State Senator Preston Smith, House Representative Barry Loudermilk, Jared Thomas of Americans for Prosperity, Sherri Reese of Don't Go Movement and State Tea Party Coordinator, County Commissioners Eddie Lumsden and Irwin Bagwell, small businessmen Mel Funk and Randy Smith, our own local "Joe the Plumber's", and young men and women from around the county.

.Watch and enjoy the dumping of tea leaves from the John Ross Memorial Bridge into the Oostanaula River just as those great American patriots did in 1773. It was the beginning of a revolution.

.Enjoy live radio coverage including Joy Christian Radio Network

.1:15 p.m. Program ends.

.Stay at Opi's Waterfront Grill for "debriefing", networking, and idea sharing. Enjoy Opi's fine foods and the continuing music of "Buck and Duke".

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. --Edmund Burke

Opi's Waterfront Grill
112 West 2nd Avenue
Rome, GA 30161

Opi's is at the corner of West 2nd Avenue and West 1st Street. One block off Broad Street. By the Oostanaula River and in the historic old Battey Machinery Building. All roads lead to downtown Rome to Broad Street. Go south on Broad Street to 2nd Avenue. Parking will be tight but there is a new parking deck on West 1st Street at West 3rd Avenue. $1.00 per hour/ $5.00 per day. Another parking deck is at the corner on East 4th Avenue at the corner of Broad Street. A large new parking lot is on West 3rd Street at the west end of the John Ross Memorial Bridge (pedestrian bridge) its a quick and scenic walk across to the area of Opi's Waterfront Grill parking lot.

Maps: Go to and type Opi's Waterfront Grill into the Search block. Can also be found on Directions with Opi's Waterfront Grill 112 West 2nd Avenue Rome, GA 30161 typed into the Ending section.

Costs: Will have 500 small American flags for you. May charge 50 cents for them. May "pass the hat" for donations at your discretion. $1.00 to $10.00 or whatever you choose is fine. If you choose to write a check please make it to Mike Morton and memo it to Rome GA Tea Party. Sorry it has to be personal but we choose not to open a bank account.

Signs: Please make and bring your own signs if possible. We will have a limited number available and some facilities to make them. Poster board no larger than "36 X 36" is allowed. Wooden handles or any materials other than cardboard are not allowed by ordinance.

Costumes/Dress: Some folks will be wearing "revolutionary war" or Indian type attire. Remember the Boston Tea Party was the beginning of the Revolution with a few patriots dressed in Indian attire.

Volunteers: Please contact us if you wish to volunteer to help, to volunteer to speak, to have your child volunteer to speak, or to read from patriotic "Founding Father" quotes. We also need someone to do high quality video to insert on You Tube, web sites that are discussing the Tea Parties, and other venues.

Contact: For more information or to volunteer to help please contact: Mike Morton 706.346.3400 or Layla Shipman 706.853.9014 or FaceBook page Rome Georgia Tea Party

Thanks and look forward to seeing you. Please say hello to me.....and all your new friends there. And oh yes, this goes without saying, but Be Nice just as you are. This is going to be a peaceful and respectful, but enthusiastic gathering. An American awakening.

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