Friday, February 27, 2009

Workers deserve right to secret ballot in workplace

U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, a co-sponsor of the Secret Ballot Protection Act, hailed the bill’s introduction today and called for the House to give it swift consideration.

“The Secret Ballot Protection Act promotes workers’ rights, takes direct aim at the strong-arm tactics of union bosses and preserves the long-held American principle that secret ballots let each voter exercise his or her conscience without fear of reprisal from the powers that be,” Westmoreland said.

The legislation accomplishes several important goals: 1) It protects workers’ right to a secret ballot vote on whether a union will represent their workforce. 2) It prevents a workforce from being unionized solely based on a card check (where workers sign authorization cards – frequently in front of employers and fellow employees – stating that they wish to be part of a union). 3) It protects workers from being pressured or coerced to join a union. 4) It prevents recognition of a union that was formed without a secret ballot election.

“Liberals in Congress pushing card check legislation are paying off the big union bosses, the ones who write the big checks to Democrats,” Westmoreland said. “This is being done at the expense of the average working person who wants to cast his or her vote in private.”
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