Monday, February 23, 2009

Boehner Warns Raising Taxes in a Recession Will Hurt Economy, Destroy Jobs

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) yesterday issued the following statement reacting to media reports that President Obama's budget proposal will increase taxes on families and small businesses during a recession, and rely heavily on military spending cuts at a time when America is fighting a war against international terrorism and radical jihadism:

“Back in November, I urged then-President-elect Obama to take tax hikes off the table, warning that raising taxes in a recession will further hurt the economy and endanger jobs. I’m very concerned by reports that raising taxes on families and small businesses in a recession will be the centerpiece of the President’s first budget. I’m also troubled by reports that the budget relies heavily on military spending cuts, which could jeopardize our troops and their ability to complete their missions safely and successfully.

“Raising taxes on families and small businesses in a recession will do further damage to the economy, discouraging families from working and threatening the very jobs the President wants to help our economy create. Americans are wise enough to know that the additional money being taken out of their paychecks will not go to deficit reduction; in the hands of Democratic congressional leaders, it will be squandered on inefficient government programs and wasteful pork-barrel projects. It happened two weeks ago, and is slated to happen again this week as Democratic congressional leaders rush to the floor legislation that includes the largest discretionary spending hike since Jimmy Carter.

“Stopping out-of-control spending here in Washington, not increasing taxes on families and small businesses or endangering our troops and their mission, is the responsible way to tackle the deficit.”

NOTE: In a November 23, 2008 appearance on Fox News Sunday, Boehner urged then-President-elect Obama not to raise taxes during the recession, asking host Chris Wallace, “If we want to create jobs now and we want to create certainty now, why wouldn’t we lower taxes? And, if we really want to help the economy, why wouldn’t we have the President-Elect say, ‘I’m not going to raise taxes on any American my first two years in office?’”

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