Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Westmoreland: Yet Another Spending Explosion

The House today whipped out the American people’s credit card once again and went on another spending spree. Just two weeks after the Congress passed $887 billion in new deficit spending, it tacked on another $410 billion spending bill to cover the federal government expenses until Oct. 1.

“Today, as American families stretch their dollar as far as it can go, as businesses struggle to keep employees and health care benefits, the federal shows no such restraint,” Westmoreland said. “This spending represents an 8 percent increase over last year’s spending level and includes at least 8,500 earmarks. Not only are we spending money we don’t have, we’re upping the limit. It’s crazy.

“Just last night, we heard the president spell out an ambitious but highly expensive wish list, even as he tells us that we’re going to have to make tough choices in the name of fiscal responsibility. This budget represents no tough choices. We’re expanding government spending at the fastest rate since the Carter administration. The Democratic leadership can’t have it both ways. They’ve doubled the deficit in four weeks and the out of control spending just continues. Their talk of protecting taxpayers and future generations doesn’t pass the laugh test.”

The Omnibus Appropriations Act completes the regular appropriations process which was supposed to be done last year. Each of the individual spending bills gained increases of 4 to 13 percent over last year’s level, including an 11 percent increase for the legislative branch.

“Republicans offered a valuable alternative that would have frozen spending at last year’s levels, and that’s the route I wish the House had taken,” Westmoreland said. “Americans are no longer turning a blind eye to Washington’s reckless spending. They know better than the majority party that this can’t continue.”
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