Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boehner: Secret Ballot Protection Act Preserves Right to Privacy in the Workplace

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) yesterday released the following statement on the introduction of the Secret Ballot Protection Act, legislation he is co-sponsoring to preserve workers’ right to a secret ballot union election in the workplace:

“Middle-class families across this nation are struggling. With costs of living rising and job security diminishing for far too many Americans, the basic privacy rights of many workers today are under assault and in danger of being taken away. Yet, that is precisely what many Democrats in Congress and their special-interest allies are aiming to do.

“Make no mistake, workers must have the right to unionize, but they should be free to do so without intimidation and coercion from either union officials or company management. The Secret Ballot Protection Act preserves that right at a time when American workers and their families need it most. It says that no one – not unions, not companies – can deny workers the right to a secret ballot.

“Few rights are more fundamental to our American democracy than the right to a secret ballot election. I thank Reps. Kline, McKeon, and Price for introducing this legislation to safeguard that right for American workers. House Republicans will continue to fight attempts by powerful special interests to end the critical right to privacy in the workplace.”

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