Thursday, July 9, 2009

With unemployment skyrocketing, Libertarians suggest real stimulus

America’s third largest party Thursday criticized Democrat and Republican leaders in Congress for suggesting that rising unemployment can be solved by passing another “stimulus” government expansion, or by spending current appropriations more quickly. Libertarians propose an alternate package of tax and regulatory relief that will create the jobs Americans need.

When Congress passed President Barack Obama’s “stimulus” package early this year the White House stated the spending expansion would keep unemployment below eight percent. It instead skyrocketed to a 26-year high of 9.5 percent, which Republicans blame on not spending the money fast enough and Democrats claim is reason to pass another, similar bill.

“While Democrats are proposing another several hundred billion dollars on dog parks and ACORN recruiting and Republicans are complaining Obama isn’t spending stimulus money fast enough, Libertarians are focused on growth policies that create the jobs Americans need,” said Donny Ferguson, Libertarian National Committee Communications Director.

“We can start by preserving the 2001 and 2003 pro-growth tax cuts, scale back taxes on investments so job creators can expand their businesses, reduce taxes on individuals so Americans will have more money to save and meet basic needs and reduce unnecessary and unneeded federal regulations that are stopping employers from creating jobs,” said Ferguson. “The Libertarian Party is the only party in America with a proven plan to create the jobs Americans need.”

“Poll after poll shows Americans are skeptical of trying to spend our way to prosperity. Poll after poll also shows they agree with the Libertarian Party that government cannot create wealth. It’s no wonder that’s why Americans are showing a growing interest in the Libertarian Party’s common-sense, reasonable and proven job growth policies.”

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