Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kelly Nguyen Thanks Supporters for Hard Work

The Committee to Elect Kelly Nguyen would like to thank all the supporters who have donated their time and resources to spreading the message of limited government in Georgia’s 5th Congressional district. With Kelly receiving 40.4 percent in last night’s Republican primary election, the hard work of our volunteers showed at the polls.

The Kelly Nguyen campaign centered on the US Constitution and limited government. Kelly Nguyen advocates a return to a sound monetary system and an end to corporate bailouts and stimulus packages. She also supports ending the IRS and conducting a fully transparent audit of the Federal Reserve System.

“We made a great showing at the polls yesterday and it proves that the ideas of limited government and the Constitution are still popular in Georgia,” Nguyen said this morning. “We gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from this experience and we are glad we ran a fair and open campaign,” she added.

Since qualifying for the Republican ballot over two months ago, Kelly and her volunteers have met many of the 5th District’s voters. “We have knocked on doors in the District almost every day since qualifying, and it has been a privilege to meet so many warm and friendly people,” Nguyen said.

Campaign manager Travis Jones also believes the campaign has ended well. “We ran a strong campaign with many dedicated volunteers backing our efforts. We learned far more than we expected and we made some great friends along the way,” Jones said.

Jones also expressed his gratitude to the campaign’s volunteers. “Above all, I want all the people who donated their time and resources to know how grateful we are for their contributions. In the end, this was only possible thanks to their hard work and we are grateful for their dedication,” he said.

Kelly Nguyen echoed Jones’ comments. “As we wrap up the campaign, I want all the volunteers and contributors to know this was only possible with their help. I will be forever grateful for their dedication to the campaign and its ideals.”

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