Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Atlanta Tea Party Info

Where and When? Atlanta State Capitol 206 Washington St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30334-9007 , Recommended Arrival time 6-7 p.m.

What to expect at the Tea Party? The purpose is to let Congress and the President know there are many, many Americans across the country that are fed up with bailouts, large budgets, and high taxes. The way the rally will help us achieve this purpose is by having multiple events happening across the country on the same day. Currently there are 245 events planned and more are being added. By having so many people gather across the country hammering home the exact same messages, it will get Media coverage and Congress will see that there are everyday, ordinary citizens who are fed up with fiscal irresponsibility. There will be protesters with signs promoting our message. We will also have a line up of speakers including everyday citizens, event organizers, and elected officials. Sean Hannity, host of Fox News Hannity’s America, will broadcast live from the event.

Is there a webpage for the Atlanta Tea Party? www.Atlantateaparty.net

Why is the Tea Party in downtown and not in the suburbs? To send this message loud and clear we need to have excellent media coverage and very large crowds across the country. The message to be sent to Washington is to “cut the pork and repeal taxes”. If there are 1,000 people in downtown and a few hundred at each event in various metro counties, we will not have the same impact or the same media coverage as we will if we have several thousand people in one place for the media to take photos and video.

Is there carpooling available? Carpooling is provided on a voluntarily basis within neighborhood groups and friends although it is recommended that Marta be utilized as it goes right to the capitol. Due to time constraints, there will not be a kickoff party in Fayette county as many will be working around busy schedules to attend the tea party. The most efficient transportation methods are Shannon Mall park and ride or the College Park Marta station.

Is there something planned for those who work? In Fayette County, the arrival time being between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. will allow those wishing to attend the time to do so.

Do you need donations? How can I give money? Thank you for your generosity. Go to the Atlanta Tea Party website(http://atlantateaparty.net) and click on the Donate Button on the sidebar on the right of the screen. Donations will be used to pay for staging, screens, projectors, banners, and other details necessary for the event.

Is there anywhere I can purchase Atlanta Tea Party merchandise? We are adding an Atlanta Tea Party store to the website shortly. Please check http://atlantateaparty.net for a link to the store.

I would like to be included in the planning of the Tea Party. How can I be included? How can I volunteer? While the Nationwide Tea Party Movement has official sponsors and City Chairmen, this is a grassroots movement. Any thoughts, concerns, or suggestions you have will be considered and addressed. Please email those to us or call me directly (404-326-0936). Additionally, we have weekly conference calls on Monday nights at 7:30 to discuss the planning of the events and for attendees to volunteer for various tasks. If you are able to attend the conference call, please email me with RSVP Monday 7:30 in the subject line and I will send you the call in phone number.

What speakers are lined up? Currently, there are 4 confirmed speakers including: Congressman Tom Price; Dave Ryan, President of American Solutions; Joel Aaron, host of Sound Bytes on WGKA 920 AM; and Eric von Haessler, co-host of the Regular Guys on Rock 100.5. As additional speakers are lined up, we will add them to the website (http://atlantateaparty.net).

What should we put on protest signs for the event? We will be listing sign suggestions on our websit (http://atlantateaparty.net) shortly. If you have additional suggestions, you can add them to the comments under that particular post. Protest signs that are not in line with theme of the event will be asked to be removed at the demonstration. Such signs include but not limited to: campaigning, racially inappropriate slogans, anything that suggests violence or unlawful activity, and/or partisan slogans.

How can I volunteer?I do not have much time to volunteer before the event. What small thing can I do to help right now? There are several small things you can do to help with the Atlanta Tea Party. Send an email out to all your like minded friends, family, and neighbors inviting them to attend the Tea Party with you. You direct them to the Atlanta Tea Party (http://atlantateaparty.net) website for up to date details. Use shoe polish to paint you car windows with the atlantateaparty.net. This way people you pass on the street know about the website. Purchase a t-shirt from our store (http://atlantateaparty.net) and wear it as you run errands.

Are there additional events planned after April 15th? Are there going to be any Tea Parties on a Saturday There are tentatively 10 total Tea Parties that will take place between February, 2009 and Election Day, 2010 but that is not set in stone. You can go to TeaPartyPatriots.ning.com to answer questions about your vision for the Nationwide Tea Party movement.

Jenny Beth Martin
Nationwide Tea Party Movement,
Strategic Visioning Committee

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  1. so fox news is running the tea party now---just let newt, hannity or any of the other old liars from either party try to speak at a big tea party---the reception will not be what you might hope for.....maybe we can get mccain to give a nice speach on immigration reform---using the 12 mil figure that has been used for the last 5 years......


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