Friday, January 23, 2009

Andrew Cuomo, John M. Finan Remain in the Senatorial Race for New York State in the Aftermath of Caroline Kennedy's Withdrawal

Andrew Cuomo, John M. Finan Remain in the Senatorial Race for New York State in the Aftermath of Caroline Kennedy's Withdrawal; Finan Also Announcing Mayoral Bid in Contention to Michael R. Bloomberg

/PRNewswire/ -- In an official January 22nd communique to Governor Paterson, John M. Finan has officially Stated: "Dear Governor Paterson; In making your final decision for replacing Senator Clinton I would like for you to have this pertinent information for your review and consideration: For your confidential review (ONLY) is the detailed patent information on the High Mileage vehicle and Vertical Wind Turbine (Attachments A and B) as outline in my previous communique to your office, copy of which is at the following web address.

Additionally, you will find communication that I have had with Congressman Rangel, Chairman House Ways and Means Committee, regarding our plans for the manufacture of either the vehicle or the turbine technologies in northern Manhattan, providing many good jobs. (Attachment C) It is important for you to know that it is my intent to announce, shortly after you announce your Senatorial choice, my Mayoral Candidacy for New York City. If selected for the Senatorial position, I feel that I could capture the Democratic and Libertarian nomination as well as the large Liberal Republican vote that exists in New York City. I will win. It is a certainty.

In the event that you do select me there will be several benefits that I see for New York, Our Country, and You. First and foremost is the fact that my intent to run for Mayor would allow for a free election by The People for the New York Senatorial Seat allowing all qualified candidates time to prepare and campaign. As we all agree, with the exception of a certain gentleman in Chicago and a certain gentleman in New York City, free elections are essential to Democracy. Regarding New York City, It is essential for the success of the Obama administration that the illegal attempt at a third term by Mayor Bloomberg be thwarted. It is essential that the State of New York be unified and the financial epicenter of the country not be controlled by elitists illegally manipulating the free electoral process and court system via illegal influence and illegal control of City Officials and Judges.

If The People are left to believe that a person such as Mayor R. Bloomberg can avoid a referendum and in a very Illegal, Dictatorial, Napoleonic fashion enforce his will on us, it will be very damaging to the psyche of The People of the City of New York, The State of New York, and ultimately The Nation.

Governor Paterson, Selecting me as US Senator will make you widely popular with The People and ensure the success of Our State, Your Success, The Success of the Obama Administration (Attachment E Nov 14th, 2009) and The Success of The United States of America. YES WE CAN!! LIVE FREE!!

Regardless of the fine decision that I know you will make, my plans remain as outlined above and I enlist your support and, always, you can count on mine.

CC: President Barack Obama"

With original correspondence attached were:

1. CONFIDENTIAL Patent Information on High Mileage Vehicles(A)Vertical
Wind Turbines(B)
2. Letter To Congressman Rangel - January 13, 2009 (C)
3. Letter To Attorney General Andrew Cuomo - July 4th, 2008 (D)
4. Communique to President and First Lady Barack Obama - November 14,
2008 (E)

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