Friday, April 15, 2011

America's First Non-Partisan 'Online' Voting System Launches on July 4th, 2011

/PRNewswire/ -- Voters finally win! After nearly a year of research and development, America's first non-partisan "online" Federal, State and Local Referendum Voting System will be launching on Independence Day, July 4th 2011. In addition to Referendum Voting, this system provides a multitude of valuable voter services not found anywhere else. This system is designed to be advisory, and would assist our elected officials in understanding the exact will of the people. In addition to a 2010 survey by the Washington Post and Harvard University, various public opinion polls show that placing referendums on a U.S. national ballot would be popular with the American public.

"Democracy was founded on our faith in something called 'the will of the people.' And without asking the voters, politicians seem to always know exactly what their will is. That's why 80 percent of voters believe our government operates without the consent of the people," states AmericaVotes Founder and President Chuck Kirkpatrick. "However, on July 4th 2011 that will change. Voters will have another reason to celebrate Independence Day, and that is the first non-partisan online mechanism that allows them to participate in the governance of America," he adds.

Over a three-year period, AmericaVotes is projecting 150 jobs and $740 million in local economic impact. "Our original goal was to locate our company on Florida's Space Coast, but due to a lack of interest and assistance from the Governor's office and Enterprise Florida, it appears that will not happen. Six states have been aggressively competing for our business, but unfortunately, Florida was not one of them. It is a travesty for the Space Coast families," adds Kirkpatrick.

The AmericaVotes system is well researched, and has received great reviews from Google Ventures, the Florida Institute of Technology Marketing Department, StateNet, and the Economic Development Departments in six states. The long-term goal of AmericaVotes is to enable "online" voting in actual State and Federal Elections, which would provide permanent voting records, greatly increase voter participation, and save the states and localities millions of dollars.

According to Karen Wilson, Vice President of Marketing, "Our 'Personal Political Management System' is designed to make politics easy for the average citizen. We also have special features for our lawmakers and their parties, including detailed Voter Trend reports and Instant Messaging capabilities to all their constituents."

AmericaVotes will provide a free membership and has an estimated market of 279 million registered and eligible-to-vote citizens including youth ages 13 and up, and 35 million businesses. Led by an award-winning national marketing firm, their initial focus will be on the 15 key battleground states.

The AmericaVotes System will be released in an English and Spanish version, and have plans for an iPhone application. Future global marketing will include 28 other Democratic countries.


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