Friday, September 24, 2010

African American Likely Voters' Support for Tea Party is Significant in Recent Poll

/PRNewswire/ -- PJTV's Tea Party TV today unveiled the results of a special Tea Party poll, which revealed that about one-in-three (32%) African Americans who are likely voters would vote for a candidate supported by the Tea Party movement.

"Questions of racism within the Tea Party have been raised for months now," said Vik Rubenfeld, PJTV's Polling Director. "Our survey found that more than one-in-three African Americans support the movement. Moreover, the data revealed that 32 percent are also likely to vote for a congressional candidate whom the Tea Party supports."

"PJTV's Tea Party poll shows that, for many black voters, race no longer serves as a rationale for supporting policies that undermine their economic interests," said Joe Hicks, PJTV's host of the Minority Report and a former Executive Director for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. "Democrats and leftists have attempted to define the Tea Party movement as a collection of angry white bigots. However, the PJTV poll of black voters shows the wheels on the race card bus are beginning to fall off."

Poll Highlights

* 35 percent of likely voters who are African American support the Tea Party movement and 17 percent support the movement strongly.
* 38 percent of African American respondents who support the Tea Party endorse the movement privately. 34 percent publicly support the Tea Party.
* 32 percent of African American respondents are more likely to vote for a congressional candidate who is supported by the Tea Party, including 14 percent who are very likely.


PJTV has been conducting weekly Tea Party tracking polls of 1,000 likely voters since August 2, using Pulse Opinion Research. However, today they presented a special analysis spanning eight weeks from August 2 to September 19 which represents 543 likely voters who are African American. The margin of sampling error on this special survey is +/-4 percentage points with a 95 percent level of confidence.

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