Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kira Willis Official for a Spot on the November General Election Ballot

Stresses Accountability, Budget Management, and Community Choice

Kira Willis announced her official candidacy as the Libertarian Party candidate for State Superintendent of Schools. Willis, a veteran teacher of 17 years stresses that Georgia voters need a choice other than the status quo.

She emphasizes accountability for all stakeholders involved in children’s education “Accountability is not only for teachers but also for students, parents, educational systems and politicians,” said Willis.

She believes that what was once a partnership between the school and home has become a disenfranchised blame game. She says “As State School Superintendent, I want to help mend the bridge between the school and the home.”

Willis promotes effective spending within schools and school districts and opposes spending for committees and jobs where there is no student contact. She also opposes federal money that is tied with federal mandates, stating, “Tell the Feds to keep their money and their mandates that come with it.”According to Willis, all that the funds will do is create more positions that have little or no student contact, while teachers are expecting 40 students in each classroom.

Willis also proposes to eliminate what she calls the “testing frenzy”. 

In a statement earlier this week, Willis said that reducing tests to a biannual basis will save about 60 million dollars in printing alone. “We need that money to go to the students, not to printing a test.”

Willis promotes community choice through genuine local control of education. “We need to give the schools back to their communities!” According to Willis, stripping control of education from the local communities and giving it to the State and Federal government was a disservice to the students and to the school community. “Communities should decide whether they should have a technical track. The communities should decide whether Integrated Math is viable. It is not the State’s job to mandate these things.” By reinstituting genuine local control and school choice, Willis believes that students will achieve higher levels of learning.

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