Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jody Hice for Congress Campaign Sponsors Petition to Support Arizona

/Standard Newswire/ -- Jody Hice, Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia's 7th District and
nationally syndicated talk show host, today announced that his campaign is sponsoring a Defend Arizona
Now petition drive.

"Why would a candidate for Congress in Georgia sponsor a petition supporting Arizona in its efforts to
fight illegal immigration? I simply want to ask Americans, wherever they live, to encourage the
people of Arizona, Governor Brewer, and Arizona legislators who have been under a firestorm of
criticism and threats, including a possible lawsuit by the Obama administration. Frankly, I got tired of all the piling-on against Arizona by Pro Illegal Immigration, political leftists. I decided to give Americans who are tired of this non-sense to have a simple way to speak up and to be heard," Hice declared.

"My wife's great-great grandfather was the first president of Argentina, but I know that won't insulate
me from charges that my support for Arizona is somehow anti-Hispanic or racist. I see people as
individuals, not racial or ethnic groups. I find it truly disturbing that liberal interest groups resort to race-
baiting and inciting violence to push their agenda," Hice declared.

"Governor Brewer and the Arizona legislators," according to Hice, "acted to protect the safety and
security of their state because the federal government has been, I think, criminally negligent in not enforcing our laws and securing our borders."

The Defend Arizona Now petition is available at www.JodyHice.com (http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103413867598&s=13633&e=0016GMQrZOALF3SmXx5YdDCFROJDHDm4WNzxpWx63efQa1lGK6SX5wzXjU51coVUMVpY6bynxqCvCyUNJJoQX1OyI4UgBdt95SE3lokuwggm_B-StSBHVlQSg==)

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