Friday, March 26, 2010

Sen. Judson Hill’s Guidelines for Federal Health Care in Georgia Government Passes Senate

Legislation passed the Georgia Senate today (30-16) strictly prohibiting any state department or agency from implementing the recently-passed federal health care measure without providing the Georgia General Assembly with a cost-benefit analysis and the financial impact to the taxpayers. State Sen. Judson Hill (R-Marietta) authored Senate Bill 399 which would require the House and Senate to expressly approve any agency’s plan to utilize the federal plan for its employee’s health care coverage.

“Unlike our Democratic leaders in Washington D.C, Georgia is working on free-market solutions to bring down costs and expand access for many uninsured or underinsured Georgians,” said Hill. “We have worked hard to develop a world-class health care system here in Georgia. Any implementation of the federal plan has the severe chance of undermining our progress towards a better system for Georgians, aside from the fact it infringes on state powers. My bill places a strict set of parameters before any state agency if they decide to go forward with adopting the federal policy without making a significant case before the legislature.”

Hill’s legislation would ban any state department or agency from employing any part of any federal health care reform unless the department or agency first gives a financial report to the General Assembly. The required report would have to include any details federal reform provision requirements, whether the provision has any state waiver, any effects their actions would have on Georgia and its citizens, and the consequences for not complying. SB 399 also directs that state agencies would be able to adopt federal plans if the General Assembly specifically authorizes the federal reform provision in Georgia.

“Regardless of what state agencies decide to do, I will remain strongly committed to providing Georgians true health care reform, adopting free-market principles designed to expand access to quality care, increase choices with a competitive market for health insurance, and keep costs low free of any Federal involvement, said Hill.”

SB 399 will now heads to the Georgia House of Representatives for consideration.

Sen. Judson Hill serves as Chairman of Reapportionment and Redistricting Committee and the Republican Caucus Vice Chairman. He represents the 32nd Senate District which includes portions of Cobb and Fulton counties. He may be reached by phone at 404.656.0150 or by e-mail at
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