Sunday, September 20, 2009

Illinois: Adam Andrzejewski Wins First Republican Straw Poll of 2010 Gov Race

We're going to be keeping up with an assortment of key races across the country. You're invited to check out our "Republican Candidate" blog for more election coverage. We're hearing that this race is one to watch. We've also rec'd some suggestions from across the state of Illinois and other areas that 39-year old Adam Andrzejewski is someone to watch. Read that polls showed Andrzejewski winning against current Governor Quinn by a fairly high margin. It's early and there are quite a few announced candidates in this race.

Another race of interest is going to be the New York gubernatorial race. Speculation is that Rudy Giuliani (R) is going to run and that Patterson (D) is being told by President Obama that he needs to bow out. What may be unusual about the President's intervention is that typically those kind of open moves come from the DNC (or RNC) and/or is done on a quieter basis. The news was leaked, according to the NY Times, by two Democrats.

Gubernatorial Candidate Places First in URF’s Conservative Summit Straw Poll

Illinois – Conservative values, solid financial policy, and a break from the same old political baggage and retribution that has shaped Illinois has landed Adam Andrzejewski exactly where he should be – at the head of the line. The results of a straw poll, hosted by the United Republican Fund and WIND radio, reveal Andrzejewski as the clear frontrunner among all six Republican gubernatorial candidates – prevailing over even the most politically experienced candidates. “The biggest surprise, perhaps, is that Andrzejewski was so organized at that event,” states Rich Miller on his blog post for Capitol Fax (1).

Andrzejewski has poised himself to be exactly the type of Governor that Illinois needs. "This race is a battle for the heart and soul of our party. Real reform, cut spending, create efficiencies, shared sacrifice that defends the tax payer. We are just on the verge of the economic spiral of Michigan and we need reform that will halt that. I have no political baggage. I am an outsider without Springfield experience," declared Andrzejewski in his closing statement for the Conservative Summit.

Andrzejewski has obtained strong support through grassroots efforts and his message of reform. And while some campaigns talk about grassroots, the Andrzejewski campaign is a good example of a strong grassroots initiative that has been effective.

Andrzejewski polled a 116 among a group of conservative activists that included Peter Roskam – U.S. Congressman from the 6th District; Tom Cross – House GOP leader; Steve Rauschenberger – former State Senator; Chris Lauzen – State Senator; Demetra DeMonte – Rep. Nat’l Committeewoman for Ill.; Eric Wallace- candidate for U.S. Senate; Jim Oberweis – candidate for U.S. House of Representative; and Fran Eaton – blogger, columnist and pundit of The summit took place Friday at Carlucci’s in Downer’s Grove.
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