Monday, August 10, 2009

Libertarians turn up August heat on health care takeover

America’s third-largest party urged its members Monday to attend public forums being held by House members over the August recess and put their signature to one simple pledge – will they promise not to vote for any health care reform legislation they haven’t personally read in full and understand?

“No responsible Congressperson would vote to drastically alter one-seventh of the American economy, whether it is health care or something else, without first reading the bill,” said William Redpath, Libertarian National Committee Chairman. “It comes down to one issue. Will you promise to be responsible and not approve something you didn’t even read?”

In a Monday e-mail, the Libertarian Party provided members and supporters with a one-page pledge form they can ask their congressman to sign. The pledge simply requests a commitment to not support any health care reform legislation he or she has not fully read in its entirety, and understands.

“If a Congressperson won’t be responsible and read the entire bill, he or she should make sure they understand in detail all of its provisions, then read something that is a lot shorter: The United States Constitution. Then, they need to ask where is the authority for any federal government involvement in medical care at all. That alone is sufficient reason to vote ‘no’ on the President’s version of health care ‘reform,’” said Redpath

Libertarians oppose the proposed “reform” of the nation’s health care system, citing its unsustainable costs and reliance on tax hikes and rationing. Libertarians instead support proposals to open up the health insurance market. More competition and choice in health insurance would drive down costs and force insurers to offer more choices in coverage.

The Libertarian Party Responsible Legislator Pledge is available to download at

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