Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Michigan's Congressional Delegation Should Rethink Support of Undemocratic 'Card Check' Legislation, Says Michigan Chamber of Commerce

/PRNewswire / -- The Michigan Chamber of Commerce today called on Democrats in Michigan's Congressional Delegation to rethink their support of the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act, better known as the Card Check legislation.

"Now is not the time to enact legislation that will make it easier for union bosses to organize workplaces by eliminating secret-ballot elections and requiring binding arbitration of contract disputes," said Wendy Block, Director of Health Policy and Human Resources for the Michigan Chamber. "Despite its nice-sounding name, the Employee Free Choice Act will actually deprive job providers and workers of their democratic rights."

"This legislation is proposed in the name of 'fixing' our nation's labor laws, but it's actually little more than political payback for union bosses who want an unfair advantage in organizing activities," noted Jim Holcomb, Vice President of Business Advocacy and Associate General Counsel for the Michigan Chamber. "Those serving in Congress who care more about the health of our economy than politics should do everything in their power to prevent passage of this harmful legislation."

"This is a moment of truth for our lawmakers in Washington DC," Block said. "There are few legislative proposals that would be more damaging than the card check legislation, which is in violation of our nation's Democratic principles and seeks to deny every American of their right to a private ballot in union organizing elections in the workplace."

"It's hard to believe that this legislation is a priority in Congress as our nation's economy continues to struggle," said Holcomb.

"Congress needs a wake-up call and to refocus their efforts on putting forward policies that will encourage economic growth, rather than inhibit it," Holcomb concluded.

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