Saturday, May 9, 2009

Egyptian Government Warmly Welcomes President Obama's Speech to the Muslim World From Egypt

/PRNewswire/ -- The Egyptian government warmly welcomes today's announcement by the White House that President Obama will visit Egypt in early June to make his keynote address to the Muslim World.

"President Obama's speech offers an important opportunity to deepen America's engagement with the Arab and Muslim world, and Egypt is a unique venue for that objective," said Sameh Shoukry, Egypt's Ambassador to the United States. Egypt is the Arab world's largest and most populous nation and has long been at the center of Islamic intellectual thought.

Egypt's long tradition of religious tolerance and diversity embodies the ideals and values of moderate Islam. "The true nature of Islam lies in its moderate heart, not at its radical fringes. Egypt is very hopeful that President Obama's speech will mark a watershed in America's relations with the Muslim world," said Ambassador Shoukry.

President's Obama's initiative comes at a very opportune time. There are many challenges facing the Middle East, in particular the need to achieve peace for the people of the region and to reduce the threat posed by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

"It is important that America's relations with the Muslim World be based on mutual respect and understanding. Egypt stands ready to work with President Obama and his Administration towards that objective, in accordance with our longstanding friendship," concluded Ambassador Shoukry.

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